Forecast low of -21°C tonight

So I just plugged the ZJ in for the first time, ever.

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Hell of a risk, I know. Fortunately I can still walk to work if it burns to the ground overnight.

It hadn’t really occured to me I could park across the driveway until the other day. There isn’t quite enough room to park lengthwise in the driveway without poking into the alley. The property is shaped kinda funky, because the block I live on isn’t rectangular.


But at any rate we got about six inches of snow on Friday night, and of course the plows push it all to the middle of the road instead of where people park. Which is great, except now it means traffic is going by the ZJ about six inches away from that non-remote manual-adjusting base-model mirror that I suspect will be unobtainium with similar weathering to match the other side and the rest of the vehicle. That was totally okay with St Jimmy, because I really didn’t care.

Moving the five-speed to the driveway does mean it’s no longer visible from the house, but frankly, neither is the rest of my collection. (Seriously, who doesn’t put windows in a house that look out at the driveway? There are none at all on that wall.)


But the other advantage of course is that now I don’t need to do the painful task of somehow stringing an extension cord across a busy sidewalk. This didn’t bother me again with St Jimmy. Again, not giving a shit about it meant I just didn’t bother, and frankly it’s pretty warm here. We typically don’t see too much below -20, meaning it’s not that big a deal to go without the block heater. But hey, if it's suddenly convenient to run an extension cord, I'll do it. 

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