Forester Mods done

Finally got everything done to it that I planned when I bought it in April.

Everything got done in the last two weeks. Did the hidden LED bar last weekend. I finished my remote starter install Thursday night. This is gonna be useful to start my car from my phone. Our building is to far from the parking to start with a normal starter and when we carpool half way. I’m going to be able to start it a few Kms before. I just have to see if it could start the heated seats too.  We get some -45 days


Yesterday I got my now gold Impreza mags mounted. Waited 2 weeks since it was my first weekday off in the past month.

I just made my winter commute a lot easier, well almost. I decided to repaint the steel wheels before I get some winter tires mounted. Just waiting to buy them mid September to get the 70$ mail in rebate.

I dropped of the 2014 Pathfinder to a guy with a lift at home to change the a/c clutch and check replace the transfer case fluids. 

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