Never to the right

Let our creed

Be always to exceed

Regulated speed

No matter what the need

What we do

We do irrationally

We mostly, always go off half-cocked

Not we

We begin

Knowing not that we can win

And if there’s a possibility we can win

Why not bother to begin?

We say this game’s mostly of our choosing

Why shouldn’t we risk losing?


To the left, ever to the left

Never to the right, forever to the left

Where there’s gold

A trophy that we’ll hold

Tradition that is old

But we’ll be hella bold


I sing Hosanna, Hosanna

In insane and “lucid” manner

We are cool

We’re the cool, cool Opponaut men

Whose like may never, ever be seen again

With our cars, parts in hand

Self command, future planned

And we’ll hold to our gold

Tradition that is old

Destined to be bold

We say this game’s definitely of our choosing

Why shouldn’t we risk losing?

We cool (cool)

Cool (cool)

Cool (cool)

Cool (cool)

Cool (cool)

Cool (cool)



Men (and women, everybody is welcome to build nutty race cars)!

wait, no no no no no song, you’re going the wrong way!!!