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Forget another hip watering hole....

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This needs to be renovated as a GARAGE.

I love Vinsetta's. And I'm all for the industrial chic lofts/living spaces, galleries, and bars popping up around town. Curbed Detroit's headline for this place grabbed me though:

"This Old Rivertown Garage Deserves to be a Bar/Restaurant"

"Deserves" is a funny word, and I think if this place had a soul it would rather be revived via motor oil than whisky. Not every run down work space of a by-gone era needs to be repurposed as a pub. The first thing that pops in my mind when I see this shot is "how cool would it be to build hot rods in there?"


I guess there's pry more money in the alternatives, but it's always been a dream of mine to set up shop in Detroit proper, a city that hides industrial treasures in nooks and crannies like Renaissance art in Rome. A friend told me there's a building around the corner from this one that might be an even better option....I can dream, right?

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