Forgot to make a post about my new to me car

1.5L with 5 spd manual for $1,700

Brand new tires, recent water pump (guy wasn’t sure if they did the timing belt, but I’ll check, shouldn’t be too hard to tell once I pop the top cover.)


The only serious issue it has is an infernal buzzing noise from the glovebox. Checked it out, apparently the two plastic pieces that screw together to make the blower motor housing, one’s bowed and makes a lot of noise when vibrations make it to. I put some pipe insulation in there and it’s much better now. Perfectly acceptable for a sub $2k car.

As for the clutch/transmission issue. Apparently these had an issue with the manual transmission related to the shifting mechanism itself. The shifter feels perfectly fine, so I’m guessing this particular car doesn’t suffer from that problem. The guy thinks it’s on the original clutch, but he’s only had it a year, and knew the previous owner for about 7 or 8, so I’m guessing it’s been done at some point before 118k miles, it’s currently at.

However I did get a quote from a trans shop, and they’d charge $1,100 to do the clutch and replace the shifter mechanism. I figure less than $3k for this car after a potential clutch and trans repair is still a good deal.

Anyways. I learned that in 2001 you could still buy a manual transmission vehicle that didn’t have a tachometer.


This is some next level peasant status with 3 blank buttons on a Hyundai Accent!

Oh, and the last issue it has. Automatic fill ups don’t work at gas stations with it. I didn’t think too much of it, since my brother has an ‘08 Hyundai that has the same issue, but I wanna look into fixing, because it seems very particular about the angle of the nozzle and still doesn’t let you fill it up for more than about 5 seconds before the pump shuts off, even when doing it manually.


I remember the Integra also had the issue a little bit, because the rubber around the filler neck deteriorated, but all you had to do was apply a little upward pressure and it’d work just fine. Need to take a closer work at this though.

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