You know, if Hummer could have weathered the storm that killed it that was the Recession, and high gas prices (somehow Jeep survived and I’m not sure how), it would be working today as GM’s Jeep fighter. With the SUV,crossover and truck craze, they would probably be having record sales.

Just before it died, in an attempt to lure in more buyers, Hummer introduced the Colorado/Canyon based H3 and the proper truck H3T.

Introduced during not only the last 2 model years of the H3, but during the last years of the brand itself, it was based on a modified version of the GMT 355 platform that underpinned the first gen Colorado/Canyon. Borrowing the engines from those trucks as well, the H3T could be had with the I5 as well as the small block 5.3 V8, but that was only available on the top dog Alpha trim.


The H3T was previewed way back however in ‘03 by the H3T concept. The concept was a regular cap, short box set up and featured shit that wouldn’t have made it to production even if hell had froze over. Things like a turbocharged 350 horse version of the I5, Nike designed seat fabric and military inspired dash and switches. The only thing that pretty much carried over was the design.

Being a Hummer though, it actually had off road chops while having a backseat and a bed that made it usable as well.


In addition to the standard 5 foot bed with bedliner, it came standard with full-time four-wheel drive, 32-inch tires and functional skid plates as well as front and rear locking differentials and 33-inch tires. It was actually the Hummer you could go do stuff with on the weekends.

Out of 159,529 H3's that were made, only 2,738 were H3T’s, probably even less of those were the top trim V8 powered Alpha. So if you were looking to pick up a used one (I know I would), just know that they are surprisingly rare. Too bad its not still around today as a Jeep alternative.