Forgotten cars: Hyundai Entourage

A quick badge job done up by Kia for its sister company Hyundai, the Entourage (also known as the weirdly named Kia Carnival in other markets, or aka a rebadged Sedona), the Entourage was made from ‘06-’09. Most people don’t even know or remember that Hyundai attempted to get in on the minivan market. But here it is.


In typical Hyundai fashion, it offered loads of standard features for the price such as front side airbags and curtain air bags for all 3 rows. It was powered by Hyundai’s 3.8 L 242 horse Lambda V6 that was also used in the Veracruz (more on that one another time), Kia Amanti and Sorento and the Azera.

It was never a sales success, which explains why it was only made for 3 years. They only sold a total of 41,204 over the course of those 3 years. I think it had something to do with the fact that both its sibling the Sedona existed and was cheaper, and the Veracruz was stealing some of the minivan thunder being a crossover. I’ve never seen one for sales used, have rarely seen one in the wild and have never known or talked to anyone that has owned one of these. Its weird and rare for a minivan.

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