Forgotten cars still for sale.

Here’s a handful of brand new cars the general public has no idea exist..

1) Hyundai Ioniq. Really good looks for a slippery hybrid, reasonable price, and damn good mpgs. I’ve never actually seen one on the road, ever.


2) Honda Fit. I didn’t know this body style existed, and have never seen one on the road. That’s probably because the Civic, Accord, and HRV all meet or exceed the Fit’s mpg, and the CRV is close. With the Civic hatchback on the scene, there’s really no place or reason for the fit to limp along... hence the lack of marketing.

3) Kia Niro. I think it looks fantastic, and the reviews have all been great. However I’ve never actually seen an ad for one. I swear they are selling just by word of mouth, but at least they are selling. I see more and more of these every week.


4) 🤢

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