Forgotten Cars: Toyota Tacoma X-Runner

The Tacoma X Runner was based on the 2nd gen Tacoma. Produced from ‘05-’13 (though it was still sold in Canada for 2014 and Hawaii for ‘14 and ‘15) it was Toyota’s attempt at a sport truck. Think of it as a Japanese F-150 Lightning, except smaller, not as brash, and more sports car like.


Powered by Toyota’s 4.0 V6, it produced 236 hp and 266 ft-lb of torque all routed to the rear wheels through a proper 6 speed manual. 0-60 came in an ok 7 seconds, but apparently it pulled 0.90 g on the skidpad, which is impressive for a truck. A TRD Supercharger was an option that was said to boost horsepower to 300.

What made an X Runner different from a basic Access Cab work truck Tacoma? Well Toyota gave it an X Brace to stiffen the rear, ride height was lowered 1 inch, it rode on 18' wheels with 45 series tires, it received stiffer springs, Bilstein shocks, larger anti-roll bars, and a standard limited-slip differential. Fog lights, a ground effects kit along with the fake ass hood scoop that was so popular on Tacoma’s and 4 Runners last decade rounded out the visual aspect of it.


Inside,it was pretty standard Tacoma fare. No sport seats or faux carbon fiber here. Just good ole plain vanilla Toyota that’s basic as hell but you appreciate it because you know it will always work.

So where did these things go? You’d think you would see more running around or tuned, but I haven’t at least. I’ve seen some people want one for towing. Something fun to drive that wasn’t a basic painters truck. And in typical Tacoma fashion, they still hold their value. If the 7 I found for sale near me, all were right under or just a little over 15 grand. And this is with 80 thousand+ miles on them. That’s if you can find one though. Apparently Toyota didn’t make many. And some digging around some forums found that many people have never even seen one on the road.


Its too bad though that it went away. As gas has gotten cheaper, the industry seems to have moved away from road based sport trucks to more off road orientated vehicles. So if you can find one, pick one up. I doubt we will ever see a sport truck like it again

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