Over a 3 week period and one tank I managed 18.3 mpg city. Mind, it was light city with no downtown, but I can’t ask for more than that. This closes a chapter.

Over the last year I’ve focused on the engine and getting it to run “right”. With the exception of a MAF cleaning and maybe replace the injectors there’s not much else to do. Cat will die when it dies. Power-wise and delivery it’s on par with my ‘87 if maybe a little rough.


Exhaust is new and transmission feels a little old, but good.

Autumn calls for some minor interior work, and in the winter brakes and suspension. Very embarrassed to say it needs all the following:

Sway arm bushings. Front struts and springs. Rear shocks (8 year old wagon springs still sitting high). Small rear bushings (maybe the big ugly ones). Rear calipers, rotors and pads. Engine and trans mounts.

Why didn’t I stick with my ‘87 #forlife?

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