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Formula 1

I have been burning though project materials with all of this free time. So I decided to take a break from building things and refresh my home server configuration. I’ve got two headless Dell towers in my “rack” that I have built under the stairs. One runs Windows 10 the other Ubuntu Server. I’m replacing the towers with two micro form factor PCs. One will keep Win 10, but I ditched Ubuntu for a clean install of Arch. As any of you Linux nerds know, Arch takes a little while to install manually. I had my munchkin on my lap, so I decided to throw some Isle of Mann highlights on for her while I worked on it. Which she loved...

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Then I thought, “Oh yea! She’s got to hear the older F1 cars. So I googled F1 V10 and F1 V12 and played a few videos for us. She’s just making car sounds and saying “wow”. I’m watching the videos closely as I can hear the sounds in my sleep...I’m watching these cars BUCK out of pit lane, drivers getting sideways on the warm up laps, everything is just electric! I felt myself hunker down for the start of the race as if it was happening live. The cars go off and the sounds! I can imagine tiny rubber hands reaching out from the tires to keep the cars on the circuit because it looks like that are barely holding on though fast turns. It was spectacular!!!

I watched less than 2 minutes of this race and it was more exciting than any F1 race I have seen in the past 5 years (give or take). I know that I am most likely preaching to the choir (and old man yells at cloud and get off my lawn and all that) but FUCK man! Maybe I can get the family to a vintage race one day.


How does it still feel like a Monday?

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