Wouldn't it be something if the Renault engine was such a dog that the Renault powered teams couldn't qualify within 107% of the fastest Q1 lap time? Before you laugh at me Nico Rosberg's fastest lap in Bahrain last week was a 1:33.283. 107% of that is 1:39.813.

Daniel Ricciardo's fast lap was 1:39.837. Vettel's fastest lap was 1:40.224. Caterham's fastest lap was a 1:39.855. Toro Rosso and Lotus each had 1 driver faster than 1:39.8 and 1 driver slower. Kobayashi is quoted as saying the Renault is losing 20-30kph on the straights.

There's still one more test to go, but it is entirely plausible that Mercedes will go faster just like Renault will go faster. Forget continuing a win streak for Vettel he might not even get to race.