If you live in Europe and like all sorts of track racing - may it be on four or two wheels -, you are about to be in for a treat this year, because you are getting all of it in one package... delivered by The Hoff himself.

The Acceleration series is a travelling motor racing and music festival, kicking off later this month in Portugal and is travelling through Europe for the rest of the year. It includes four different racing categories in five different classes in total:


A single-seater category, using the assets of the pre-facelift A1GP. For the record, A1GP was the ultimate spec. formula racing series (except IndyCar when it was running common chassis and engines), using the same cars as AutoGP. FA1 reintroduces A1GP's nation vs. nation agenda.


MW-V6 Pickup Series

Picking up (get it?) the defunct Benelux Racing League V6 series, it is a category for silhouette pickup trucks with some great high-revving soundtrack.


Legend Supercup

Born in the US, founding great support mostly in Britain, this iteration of Legend racing is unique due to the similar the similar national team representation as at FA1. Could we get this with stock cars as well?


European Stock 600 & 1000 Series

A smaller and a large category for street-based bikes.


The Hoff

Each event is stuffed with DJs and other music happenings, including a retro-fest with The Hoff himself, LOL.

So, what are you doing this summer?

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