BnRacing GLC Mid Ohio 2013 from Ryan Wise on Vimeo.

Labor Day weekend for most people involves hanging out, barbecuing, beer, fun, relaxation, but for the past 3 years I've done the exact opposite. I know there are a lot of racers on here and I'm sure a lot of you have sacrificed the relaxing weekend for the adrenaline induced one at the track. It's so draining but so satisfying at the same time. This past week was one of the tougher ones for us. Our campsite got hit by a massive monsoon of a thunderstorm Friday night. It left me racing on 3 hours sleep on Saturday, then chasing around Mansfield for oil fittings, then scrounging around for brake hardware. I was physically exhausted come Saturday evening and there was still an entire day of racing to go! Capped it all off with a blow out on the tow vehicle during the tow back.

The above video is a highlight reel of what we ran thru during the weekend. I had quite the run with much more modern cars and had a blast trying to keep up and get by. There is some serious talent in the Great Lakes region here and some gorgeous formula cars. The middle interview sections are a bit dreary but keep on thru it. All the good stuff is in the last 4 minutes (or jump ahead I'll never know).

But all the frustration, bloody knuckles, bruises are worth it during those 20+ minutes on track. Flat out! With the desire to better everyone else on track. Finding a tenth in the Keyhole, then a few more thru Madness. Each lap is a quest to hit every mark just perfect and carry that extra 1 MPH thru the apex. To go faster with each lap.


Ah! I just finished up a race weekend and now I'm ready to go back for more. It's a disease and most definitely an addiction. Who else is addicted? What do you drive? How many others in formula cars? Let's see them!