I went to this Formula-E prix last Saturday, in Punta del Este, Uruguay. A little more than a 130 km from Montevideo, where I live.

I couldn't watch much of it, for reasons I'm going to explain next. But luckily some good soul uploaded it to Youtube. So, I just finished watching the race.

All in all it was a nice race, go ahead and watch it, it only lasts 50 minutes.

The reasons, also some ranting:

Bad organization was the underlying reason a LOT of people, including my friends and I, couldn't actually watch the race. This was because from the Bronze sector (most economical places) it wasn't possible to SEE any action at all.

This was the best view possible from where I was... for my camera. I'm not 2,20 meters tall.

There weren't any stands for seating, none at all. Everybody was standing on their feet or on top of makeshift boxes and chairs, only those up front could see something, but not much.


For the rest of us it was mostly other people's heads and big-ass trackside publicity signs that blocked one third of the available view. So some people, even on the front row, couldn't see jack shit.

We got there when the race was one or two laps in already (there was no designated parking zone, we had to park one Km away at some street) and even that early on people were getting out of the premises, furious, having realized they had been scammed in their eagerness to watch some actual racing. This had apparently caught the whole lot of us by surprise.

The race was heavily publicized for about 3 weeks, and only that very day, when everybody had already bought their tickets and was on their way they decided to clarify that the bronze sector (the cheapest and most sold tickets) had no seating.


This is what it looked like

There's a saying here that goes like this: el que se quema con leche, ve la vaca y llora. (Those who get burnt with milk, see a cow and cry). It doesn't translate very well but it means that once you feel cheated or harmed by something or someone you are very unlikely to come back for a second serving.


I'm sure most people liked the experience, but I find it unlikely that they (and I) will be so easily convinced next time...

Also, electric racecars don't sound bad at all, a little funny yes, but racing is racing.