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Formula One - Halos Through History

Welcome to Retro Halo, a series where I add halos to cars of Formula One’s glorious past because people can’t stop complaining about them on today’s cars and I just can’t leave well enough alone.

My plan is to flood the internet with so many photos, that there’s a chance people might think they’ve been here all along.

2001 Arrows AX3
Patrick Depailler - 1976 Belgium GP - Tyrrell P34
Ayrton Senna - 1989 Monaco GP - McLaren MP4/5. I just realized I need a new monitor at home.
Jim Clark - 1967 British GP - Lotus 49
Lewis Hamilton- 2015 Abu Dhabi GP
Fernando Alonso - 2015 Australian GP - McLaren MP4-30
Dan Gurney - 1967 Canadian GP - Eagle Mk1
John Surtees - 1967 Italian GP - Honda RA300
Jenson Button - 2009 Belgian GP - Brawn BGP 01
Michael Schumacher - Jordan 191 - 1991 Belgian GP
Jackie Stewart - 1970 Spanish Grand Prix - March-Ford 701
Michael Schumacher - Madonna di Campiglio 2000

I’ll just bump this thread with any new additions.

I apologize in advance for the Lotus Type 49.

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