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Formula One Rant

I didn’t watch the race in Australia because I’m too jaded to stay up until 4am to watch a race, but I do have some thoughts on the whole overtaking controversy.

Has everyone already forgotten why they made the rule changes back in 2009? In 2008 the cars looked like this:


All the aero bits caused dirty air which made it impossible for a following car to match the performance of the car in front. Sound familiar? So for 2009 they restricted aero development and changed some dimensions and suddenly the cars looked like this:

The front and rear wings looked a bit awkward but everyone eventually got used to them and the racing improved a good bit. For some reason they seem to have relaxed the aero restrictions over the years to the point we’re at now that make the 2008 aeromonsters look quaint.

Last year’s cars looked really good but you didn’t have to be Nostradamus to predict what would happen. The exact same problems have returned and it’s kind of funny to see so many people discussing it like it’s something new and unexpected.


Also the halos look stupid.

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