Hello and welcome back from your mandatory vacation, to the 12th round of Formula Oppo, the F1 guessing game that's taking the internet by force. This week, we're heading to the day spa for a nice and relaxing hot stone massage, beer bath, sauna session, and finally a happy ending with a facial.

Previously on Formula Oppo: Daniel Ricciardo won the race and then proceeded to go down on his trophy, (I heard that he's a biter, so watch out ladies). Fernado Alonso proved that, yes, he's still faster than Felipe Massa, and placed his shit sandwich if a Ferrari in second by using nothing but the force. Lewis Hamilton held off Princess Rosberg to finish in third helping to close the gap in the overall standings.


Spas have a history dating back to ancient Greece, where there were public and private baths. This continued on to the Romans where the baths became a place of business. The ancient baths were usually based on hot springs until the Romans used large furnaces, slave labor, and their aquaducts to make the baths on a large scale in the middle of cities. When you got to the baths, you entered into one of the three entrances, (men. women, and slaves), and went into the apodyterium to take off all of your clothes. You then went into the frigidarium or cold room for a cold bath. Then you went into the tepidarium for a warm bath before finally entering the caldarium for a hot bath. After all of that you got yourself an oil massage and scraping. By now, none of you are still reading, but we will go into the typical round of questioning. There have been a lot of upgrades developed for the cars, so will the gaps in performance be decreased? Will Lewis Hamilton follow the strong British tradition of retreating from Belgium as the Germans advance? Can McLaren win a race? Can Ferrari? Will Guy Fieri cook up his famous Belgium Colon Destroyer Awful Waffles?

As for the drivers, here they are:

Sebastian Vettel- Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo- Red Bull

Max Chilton Alexander Rossi- Marussia

Jules Bianchi- Marussia

Nico Rosberg- Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton- Mercedes

Kimi Räikkönen- Ferrari

Fernando Alonso- Ferrari

Romain Grosjean- Lotus

Pastor Maldonado- Lotus

Marcus Ericsson- Caterham

Kamui Kobayashi or Andre Lotterer- Caterham

Sergio Perez- Force India

Nico Hulkenberg- Force India

Felipe Massa- Williams

Valtteri Bottas- Williams

Kevin Magnussen- McLaren

Jenson Button- McLaren

Esteban Gutierrez- Sauber

Adrian Sutil- Sauber

Jean-Eric Vergne- Toro Rosso

Daniil Kvyat- Toro Rosso


My unfortunate picks are:

1. Nico Rosberg

2. Lewis Hamilton

3. Valtreri Bottas

Q. Nico Rosberg

Curse: Adrian Sutil shall be cursed with beer shits after drinking the yeast.

You have until Q1, (Saturday 23th at 8:00 am est) to make your picks or else you get sent to the Turkish Bath.


Veel succes en geef thr frietjes