Formula Oppo: The KFC Grand Prix of Burma

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Welcome back to Formula Oppo, the fantasy RPG game that’s actually free to play. Is your fantasy football team garbage? Too bad, there’s nothing I can do for you, should have skipped this year and played Formula Oppo instead. But enough about that nonsense, we got a race ahead.

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Previously on Formula Oppo, big shit happened bigly. Lewis Hamilton led an interesting qualifying round and proceeded to walk away with the race while lined up next to Lance Stroll at the start. Bottas managed to get around the Force India and Williams youngsters and claim second. Vettle managed to give the Italians something to cheer for, a German on the podium in red.


This week we head to Burma, because you’re not going anywhere. And there isn’t one of us that doesn’t want to be someplace else. But this is what we do, who we are. Live for nothing, or die for something. Your call. This is a tight street circuit, something that has been favoring the Ferrari’s all year, but something tells me that Mercedes has a response this time around. Red Bull can also show pace if the reliability and luck are there. Also don’t count out the Force India duo, although their first concern is not taking each-other out... Everyone else is pretty much where they are. Meanwhile at McLaren, Renault is coming:


Looks like Fernado might just be sticking around Woking for another season after all, sorry Indycar fans.

Your Drivers:

Lewis Hamilton- Mercedes

Valtteri Bottas- Mercedes

Daniel Ricciardo- Red Bull

Max Verstappen- Red Bull

Sebastian Vettel- Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen- Ferrari

Sergio Perez- Force India

Esteban Ocon- Force India

Felipe Massa- Williams

Lance Stroll- Williams

Fernando Alonso Jenson Button- McLaren

Stoffel Vandoorne- McLaren

Daniil Kvyat- Toro Rosso

Carlos Sainz Jr- Toro Rosso

Romain Grosjean- Haas

Kevin Magnussen- Haas

Nico Hulkenberg- Renault

Jolyon Palmer- Renault

Marcus Ericsson- Sauber

Pascal Wehrlein Antonio Giovinazzi- Sauber

Illustration for article titled Formula Oppo: The KFC Grand Prix of Burma

My Picks:

Q. Lewis Hamilton

1. Sebastian Vettel

2. Lewis Hamilton

3. Kimi Raikkonen

The rest of you have until Q1 to get your picks in otherwise they don’t count and you get a big ole red zero in your score column.

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