Welcome to the 9th round of the internet’s only Formula One fantasy picking game that is officially only existing on Oppositelock.kinja.com, or as it’s colloquially known as Formula Oppo! This week we travel to that off shore oil platform that’s not officially recognized as Sealand, which is not to be confused with those fuckers over at Sea World. Sealand Stronk!

Last time out Nico pipped Lewis on the start and Felipe snuck by Sebastian during a botched pit stop and held out for third. Kimi’s Ferrari snapoversteered as Fernado collected him into the wall. Scores more retired, but not Pastor Maldonado. No Pastor Maldonado and his gigantic (and possibly cancerous) testicles (seriously, brah, might want to get those things checked out if they’re that large) managed to hold it together and score points.


This week promises to be even more exciting, because er’body in da club gettin upgrades fo Sealand. Williams was fucking with the rest of the teams by running testing only illegal winglets, but what did they upgrade? Force India finally introduced their actual 2015 car complete with old school McLaren nostrils, but are they actually legal? Ferrari did some things, will they find their mojo again? McLaren is in desperate need of a reliable powertrain, will they finally get it? Can the Red Bulls find another set of Renault Twingo’s to get some motors? Will Sealand ever be recognized as a sovereign nation?

Your drivers:

Lewis Hamilton- Mercedes

Nico Rosberg- Mercedes

Daniel Ricciardo- Red Bull

Daniil Kvyat- Red Bull

Felipe Massa- Williams

Valtteri Bottas- Williams

Sebastian Vettel- Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen- Ferrai

Kevin Magnussen Fernando Alonso- McLaren

Jenson Button- McLaren

Nico Hulkenberg- Force India

Sergio Perez- Force India

The Wee Baby Max Verstappen- Torro Rosso

Carlos Sainz, Jr.- Torro Rosso

Pastor Maldonado- Lotus

Romain Grosjean- Lotus

Felipe Nasr- Sauber

Marcus Ericsson- Sauber

Will Stevens- Manor

Roberto Merhi- Manor


My Picks:

Q: Lewis Hamilton

1. Lewis Hamilton

2. Nico Rosberg

3. Valtteri Bottas

Curse: No curse of Black Pearl for me this week.

Now the rest of you have until Q1 to get your picks in or else they be thrown off the platform.


Good luck!