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FoRS update: Eff the lawyers, Gone Daddy Gone edition

The FoRS is gone, now to get serious about developing an STi. I’ve already found the perfect one, now just to convince the dealer that has it to swap it to the dealer who is closest to me.

This time it will be WR Blue. My 07 was Urban Grey, and even though it was an awesome color I always regretted not getting a blue one. After 10 years with that I car, I ended up with two regrets; the first that it wasn’t blue, the second that I traded it in. Here’s hoping that round two with an STi goes as good as the first time.

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Photo: Subaru

It was an interesting trip to the dealer on Thursday. I walked in and told them we were getting the buy back done. Their GM asked, “did the lawyers call you?” Nope, but we’re doing it anyway. I’ve got the title in my truck, you’ve got the rest of the papers I need to sign. We’re going to get it done and then you can send out a flat bed to pick up your car. With apologies to ImmoralMinority and Steve Lehto, sometimes you’ve just gotta say “eff the lawyers, we’re getting stuff done today”.

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