I Live a few yards away from where this month's shooting happened on Fort Hood, and I have drive by this exact car multiple times. But today on my way to lunch I noticed a paper American flag on the rear window and could see what looked like flowers on the windshield. It immediately dawned on me, this is one of this victims cars and his battle buddies have turned it into a memorial and it almost brought me to tears. I figured such a powerful image needed to be shared.

I can't say for sure, but since the car is outside the 13th ESC and has Florida Gator tags, I believe it belonged to SFC Danny Ferguson.

Danny Ferguson sacrificed himself, holding closed a door that separated the shooter from his Soldiers and battle buddies. His action embodied the core values of an NCO and a soldier. From that day, when SFC Ferguson's name is spoken it will be spoke with great reverence.