Fort Langley

You might see my user name and think, where’s Fort Langley and why should I give a fuck? Well, its in Vancouver and you shouldn’t. But, chances are, you’ve actually seen my village. Crazy eh?....

Metro Vancouver is known as “Hollywood North” and many, many movies and shows are shot up here instead of the US. Fort Langley is an epicenter for the movie industry up here.


Riverdale and Bates Motel are exclusively filmed in and around the village other movies and shows have been:

- Once Upon a Time
- Vampire Diaries
- The Killing
- Supernatural
- Hope Springs
- The Fog
- Gunless
- All the Airbuds
- I’ll be home for Christmas

And many others.

Other than the Fort, the town hall is the main feature of the town and is popular for car shots:


You can see more stuff:

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