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Fort Langley Fall Cruise (Final Plan)

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Photo: Porsche Langley

Looks like we have a decent turnout, likely looking at a group size of 5-10 cars which is a nice size!


Final plan is for this weekend, specifically October 3rd at 1pm in Fort Langley. It will likely be pretty busy, so the lower part of the Fort Langley national historic site will offer the best shot at parking availability.

Photo: Porsche Langley

The plan (Saturday October 3rd):

Meet at the Fort itself at 1:00pm, we’ll then do a spirited drive through the countryside around Fort Langley and maybe hit up Roots and Wings distillery for a beverage or grab some socially distanced food/drink in town/at one of the farms around.


All people and all cars are welcome!!

Very much looking forward to sharing some of my local roads that I’ve driven on for pleasure hundreds of times and that other local enthusiasts drive thousands of time a year.

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