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Waymoe here, bringings back my Forumla Un series where we talk about Formula One and sometimes NASCAR cars.

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The formula one season always begins in the Outback because of its location and moderately priced steaks and shrimp. Only 11 drivers finished the race after only 15 qualified. Waymoe is not a mathamagician but I beleive that is a 90% drop out rate.

Quick recap: McLaren is using this season to showcase Hondas new Odyssey engine, finishing at the end of the pack but at the front of the minds of moms everywhere. Mercedes had a terrific showing, finishing a couple days ahead of Vettel and Massa who were as surprised as I was at their finish in the top 5. Kimi had some damage done to him, causing to retire. Lotus is much better, Toro Rossi is much better, Ferrari is better, and Renault is hot garbage. Red Bull is very upset with formula one and not with Renault. They should be upset with Renault as they have provided Red Bull with a delicate flower instead of an engine. The flower wilts and explodes, but it is the FIA who is at fault because Mercedes is better and that is not fair.


Long recap: Nico Hulkenberg looked good in the Force India, time will tell for them as pre-season testing was very short.

Takeaways: Honda and Renault both created the engine form of Carrot Top. McLaren will win every race by 30 seconds this year. Red Bull lost Vettel but not his whiny spirit and are "contemplating leaving F1" if their billionaire owner loses his passion ($$). The middle of the pack is much better than in recent years. This should be an entertaining (on and off the track) season.

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