I've got the 2013 SRT Viper upgraded to an R3-level. All engine upgrades to the max, brakes, roll cage, weight removal, clutch, transmission, tires, etc. My problem is that I can't get this beast to behave.

It's squirrelly in the corners while also not being very nimble. Seems to have a large turning radius when it's under control, but it easily gets loose and throws it's weight from side to side. I've noodled with a lot of the tuning options but can't dial it in. Also, I don't have Gold so I can't download any tunes for it.

I dropped all the engine mods and brought it down to an S-level and got it feeling pretty solid. Then I tried putting the power back in and bringing it up to an R3 but it was still a handful.

Do we have any FM4 tuning geniuses on here? I'd really like to get this snake dialed in properly for fast track use. I'd need a basic list of settings though that I could dial in myself. Thanks!