Forza 6 Endurance Races are Boss

Friday I bought an the Xbone Forza 6 edition. Best $400 ive ever spent. I started the career and won some races, then a new event opened up- the Daytona 300. 84 laps at night in an Audi R18 around the Daytona 24h track. I started around 1215 am and finished at 238am. It was a blast. I love how the tires actually wear and you use up fuel. In 4 (the only other forza I have) this is not the case at all. I also like how the AI makes mistakes and arent mindless robots. The only gripe i have so far is that when you crash, parts dont fly everywhere. I liked in forza 4 that if you crashed, parts would come off. I rolled 3 times on lap 18 and the car just got dirty. It should be SMASHED!!! Carbon fiber should have gone EVERYWHERE!!! I guess if thats my only complaint its a pretty awesome game. (it is) Even better is the fact that I got 2.2 million XP. Thats enough to go up 12 driver levels. That ALSO means that you get a bunch of free cars and credits. I think i ended up with a BAC Mono, P1, and 1.5 million credits among other things. All in all, i LOVE this addition to the Forza series.


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