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Forza 6 Petit Le Mans Final* Head Count!

Please reply to this post with your Gamertag AND send a friend request to me (GoatBird) if you want to participate! I will be sending out requests starting at 2:30 PM EST this Saturday. You absolutely must be online by 3:00 or I will start the race without you! (Note: I will have my laptop with me for the final hour or so, and that’s when I’ll make the absolute last post about this. If you need to wait until no later than 3:15, you will need to reply to that post and let me know. I will not wait any longer than that, though, (excluding special circumstances) as this race will run 2.5 hours and I don’t want to keep our European friends for their whole evening.)

If you are worried about being late and not having access to Oppo, reply with your email address and I’ll give you my number to call me. US only, though; international Opponauts will need to contact me through here or just miss out. Sorry about that.


But yeah, reply here (even if you already have) with your Gamertag and send me a friend request if you want to race!

Also, feel free to share your livery in this thread, too, or at least let me know which class you’re running. If I’m the only one in GT (or if there’s only one person in Prototype) I’ll put together my own LMP car this afternoon and run that instead of this.

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Nobody else should worry about changing class, though. I don’t want to cause anyone headache.


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