Forza 6 Petit Le Mans just a few weeks away!

Just a heads-up, everyone. Choose a GT or LMP car, tune it to class R or P respectively, and plop on a cool livery!
Here are a few small changes to the original rules:

1. Since there aren’t many LMP cars made in 2010 or later, I’m allowing any from 2000+. GT cars still have the same 2010 restriction, though.


2. Just to clarify, Super Trofeo Lamborghinis are not GT cars. They’re a lot faster and therefore not allowed. Sorry, anyone who wanted to use one!

3. Due to the unrealistic tire walls across the track in a bunch of runoff areas, we will restart the race if more than one person crashes into them on the first lap, causing their car serious damage. Of course, this is only if you crash because of the crowded track; if you’re just not paying attention, you can deal with it.


Also, the race has been shortened to just two and a half hours. The polls show an even split between 2 and 3, with a good amount in favor of 2.5 as well.

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