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Forza 6 Petit Le Mans Official Post!

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I’ll try to organize this post as well as I can, but bear with me as this isn’t exactly my strong suit...


DATE AND TIME: Race day will be Saturday, October 10th, one week after the real race. For the time, we had a pretty even split in the polls between 4:30PM EST (the usual) and 3:00PM EST (to make it easier on European players), so this poll will be the final decision. Please vote if you plan to participate.


RULES: Same as always. See SVTyler’s series posts for a refresher.

LENGTH: Again, we didn’t come to a very good consensus on this... Please vote here if you plan to participate.


CARS: You can choose any modern (post-2010) LMP or GT car at all.

MODIFICATIONS: LMP cars should be P. Absolutely no X-class cars. The only rule for upgrades is that you cannot have drag tires. Any other upgrade is fair game as long as your car has a PI of 998 or lower.


Same thing for GT cars, except they should be class R. No drag tires.

OTHER INFO: We will be running multiclass on Road Atlanta’s full circuit. Damage WILL be set to simulation, so pit strategy will play a big role. I also will have contact set to be always on, so if you spin out, you will need to wait for a clearing in traffic. Because of these changes to our normal set-up, anyone who is thought to be intentionally causing wrecks, or anyone who is consistently careless when passing or rejoining the track, will be asked to disconnect from the race. If you cooperate, you will still be allowed to return to future events. But if you fail to do so, I will (if possible) kick you during my next pit stop, and you will be banned from any future race I host. Other Forza hosts will be informed of your behavior as well, and there is a possibility that you will never get to play with us again. So basically don’t be a dick.


One more thing: Custom liveries are not required, but they are strongly encouraged. At the very least, please give your car a number. This is just to ensure that our post-race photos look good. A solid-color car in a field of detailed racers can ruin the whole shot.

I will keep you updated on any changes in the weeks to come!

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