Fuck the insipid prize spins. I never get anything good. I have tried waiting for the lower-level prizes to clear. I have tried tapping A immediately. I always get crap. This is what I won last night.

Fuck You RNGesus!!!!!!1! I thought when I stopped playing Destiny I would be done dealing with fucking bullshit like this. What was wrong with giving us a fucking choice of what we want to as our reward!? So what if everyone takes the most expensive option and sells it for credits? Maybe that is how they want to play your game. LET PEOPLE PLAY HOW THEY WANT TO ASSHOLES!

And What. The. Fuck. is wrong with the gawddamn controller!? There is zero feel for where you have the stick angled. There is not nearly enough resistance to pushing the stick around to steer the car either. What was wrong with the amount of spring-loading on the 360 controllers? You could actually tell where you had the stick pushed. I refuse, and cannot afford, to get a wheel setup. I changed the on-center dead-zone to 20 from 24, it seems to have helped a bit, but I still want more spring resistance when I push the stick around. So I guess I have to buy the damn Elite controller?

As much fun as Forza 6 is, I am starting to regret my purchase.