Much of this is here, but it occurs to me that (edit - Just added the link, now also added a top pic from here (because this guy takes great virtual photos))

  • I haven’t seen anyone else do a half-assed review and
  • I’m at least halfway capable of doing one and finally
  • I’d practically already done so in a way that most of you are guaranteed to have missed.

So here you are. Some of this has benefitted from the extra 10 minutes of thought about it.

I bought the digital download. I think it’s better than F5, but I haven’t gone very deep into it yet.

  • So far, there seem to be more tracks and some interesting cars. Oddly, no Porsches until 2016. (Did I miss something about a reason for this?)
  • The F&F car pack is there. That’s all I’ll say about it except that the Escort is the only one I care about.
  • Having LimeRock and COTA as tracks is pretty cool. (full car and track list here)
  • You can now tune your car or change difficulty in the “start race” menu which is nice. I’ve not done a whole lot yet with add-ons and tuning so I don’t know if you can save different profiles for say LagunaSeca vs Prague.
  • You can also take “practice” laps from he start race menu—a great plus if you aren’t familiar with a track
  • I’m not sure about the whole concept of “boost” points, but (again) I’ve only spent a few hours knocking around in it.
  • The “spin for bonuses” business is OK. I’m sure that fast button mashers will do better than I did. I should just close my eyes and go random.
  • The “digital drivers” seem less stupid than before. Especially so after a rewind at which time the previous versions would just go completely suicidal. There are, however plenty of Rossi-types who overshoot the braking zone and t-bone you. (it’s the primary reason I hate, hate, hate Long Beach) If you never met Rossi, you haven’t hated an AI nearly as much as you could have.
  • I’m using a controller (not a wheel) and it is still pretty good.
  • The addition of weather to races is very well done. I can’t compare it to ProjectCars, because I’ve only messed with that a very little bit.
  • The paint option seems less intuitive. I don’t know why, but Matte Red is quickly available, but try doing Matte Orange. haven’t been able to find it.
  • The “quick livery” options for nearly every car are wildly erratic and near universally horrible. I don’t know what is going on here, maybe not enough time for the painters, maybe all the good ones are selling them somehow.
  • Load-times seem way less than F5
  • The top-of-the-group ratings (D400 or whatever) are now non obvious when you are trying to level-up a car. So when you are racing in Sport Compact, you aren’t told “D400 or less” or “D-Class championships” in the description. You have to figure it out yourself. Maybe I missed it.
  • There are a bunch of cars suited for rally (raptors, escorts, Off-road Charger from F&F, etc) but no dirt tracks. Which is weird.
  • There’s still no easy way to change cars within the same class between races. I get that they want you to rack up affiliation points with OEMs, but I just want to get past !%$#%#&* long beach and then go back to something that handles. (Because LB is all about having some jackass in a really good straight-line car ram you in the second turn, or failing that, in the final turn.) HATE that track.

There is more to say, perhaps, but I’ll let someone will a fully-assed opinion take it from here.

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