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Forza 6 thoughts

In case anyone else here doesn’t really follow games, but loves Forza:

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I just finished the demo, and wanted to share my thoughts.

Graphics: I feel like we took a small step backwards for day racing. Animations for post and pre-racing looks weird. I feel like they tried to move towards a Horizons theme, and I don’t like it!


But, night racing and rain looks phenomenal. The physics of the weather is amazing.

UX: My only real gripe with the Forza 5 was the UX. Sure there were less cars, less tracks and the game felt short. But what Forza 5 had was the best of the series. Forza 6 fixes the UX. The demo hides much of the game, but what is there feels responsive. Forza 4 still has the best of the 3 for menus, IMO. But compared to 5 it feels like it works as expected at least.


Last thought, Physics of weather.

It sounded a little funny what I heard on Oppo about this. “Volumetric puddles” and light that really falls off. But when I hit Yas Marina... After the crappy new animation and the race started I saw why this mattered. Headlights project and reflect. Driving under a bridge and then a track light you see the entire cockpit’s lighting model change and it feels like driving in the dark.


The rain on the wind shield accumulates. As you race you watch the rain buildup and roll up the windows in beads before the wipers push the rain aside and the cycle repeats. When you are attempting a pass and hit a puddle, the cars pulls just like hitting a puddle should. Where this really shines though, is after you barrel off course you start altering your line to dodge puddles. You have to re-learn your lines too, that sweeper you know you can plow through is no longer a great place to pass, because there is a puddle that will push you right off the track!

Mods: I don’t think I like them.

In summary: Yes it is the best Forza yet. I just hope they stop pulling Horizons concepts in, it feels a little more on the Arcade-ey side than previous titles which is a little unsettling.


Hope someone enjoyed my random Forza 6 thoughts.

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