So, despite my lack of actual spare time for video games, I still got Forza 6.

The cars new to Forza are splendidly modelled, just look at the LaFerrari and the Mac P1. However, the cars carried over from previous games did not seem to get completely new models. The old models were given detail updates, but the proportional inaccuracies are still there.

Of course, I went straight to a car that I am familiar with, the Ferrari F355 which I had played in Forza 4. Here is the FM6 model that I attempted to capture with the same angle as a pic of the real thing:

The roofline and windows didn’t get captured correctly; as a result the roof looks too flat and the window lines don’t flow as gently as in the real car.

The front bumper grille is fairly accurate, but the running/signal lamps next to it are too large and the lens is too transparent (the real car has the typical 1990s serrated-diffusion plastic lens which appears rather opaque from a distance). The game used a non-US-spec car, and the exterior lighting differences from my real US-spec car are pretty accurate.


Also, the game identifies it as a “1994 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta,” even though the car modelled is clearly a 1998-99 355 F1 Berlinetta (the interior features the later airbag steering wheel, paddle shifters and a 355 F1 badge).

Anyone notice other glaring inaccuracies in the Forza 6 car models?