Yes I know this is from Forza 5. Attempted to drive the same car in 7.

Screw these cars; screw this series. I can’t accelerate in them, I can’t brake in them, and I dang sure can’t turn in them. I had to turn traction and stability control back on, throttle the AI difficulty back a notch, and drive bumper-car style to get through the series.

Also, in the Seeker Championship, 90% of the races were only two laps long, and I’m just not good enough to get to the front from P12 (where they start you) so I was driving like bumper cars most of the time anyway. I’m one series into the next championship, Breakout, and the races were all three or four laps long, which is enough time for me to get to the front without bashing into everyone. But if you see my drivatar, C0NQUES0, be prepared because it’s probably going to hit you in the door at the apex.