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Forza Week 8

Well, assuming we have no last minute entries, below you will find the latest leaderboard, as well as details on the next challenge.

This week we will be lapping lemans (long, without the kink). In A class supercars of many different nations. You have free range among the Corvette ZR1, Ford GT, Nissan GTR Black Edition, and Ferrari F458.

The time to beat is 4:06.913.

What will your strategy be? A 900+ hp Corvette for max speed? A low slung mid engine supercar to gain time in the twisties? Or the awd power/ease of the Nissan?


Current Leaderboard

Joe_Limon: 10 pts

Crocket Bernet:7 pts

TimmyTime:7 pts

Depressoiscool: 7 pts

6cyl: 2 pts

302? I think yes: 1 pts

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