Wednesday: Order Rally Armor mudflaps with red lettering

Friday: Package delivered!

Saturday: Quality time with my mom as I commandeered her garage to use as a level space for installation.

First impressions were that the flaps were smaller than I expected but about what I thought material-wise. The mats are glossy, high impact material with metal brackets for support. Stainless steel screws are used to thread provided plastic mounts at OEM points. Basically replace the old pieces with provided parts at current mounting points and done. Front wheels just rotate out of the way but the rears had to come off for installation.

All said, I’m very happy with the result. It was a good activity with my mom, who is very handy around the house and whose first car was a 78 Mustang that she would raid junkyards for parts. She got me interested in Mustangs at a young age and therefore cars.

Pics below.