Foto Abladung: PUUR Porsche Treffen

Opening with a 914, a bold move? Maybe, but it is so perfect

This past Sunday, I joined fellow Oppos Jobjoris and DutchieDC2R at the PUUR Porsche Treffen, for a sort of mini Oppomeet, and to admire Porsches of all kinds and shapes, of course.

Below you can find a small selection of my favourite shots of the day, along with a link to a flickr album with the rest of my pictures, which are a mix of edited and unedited shots.

993 Turbo? Give to me please!
A 944 based Heynsdyk, sadly this one was an automatic.
Dark blue over tan leather, such a pretty colour combo for a Targa!
1959 356A with a Reutter body
Backdating is a thing now apparently, as shown by this ‘85 SC
As well as by this ‘79 SC
Do we know this car?
“Aus Prinzip, nicht aus Presitige”...
More 914's
Even more 914's
That colour.....
GT3 RS or GT2?
Yellow suits a new Turbo quite well, it does need some Pikachu ears, right?
Great-great-grandpa and his great-great-grandsons
Because of the 911 GT3 RS colour, I didn’t notice this was a 911R, until seeing that the badge was a sticker and that it didn’t have a wing.
All the lights!!
Wing appreciation zone.
This was for sale, please someone buy this for me!
Some (front)mid engined content.

That’s it for here, I don’t want to kill Kinja with an overload of Porsches. For the rest of the shots you can check this flickr album.


To close, One final shot of Jobjoris leaving the meet:

I had to hurry to the top of the parking structure, so I didn’t have my setting completely right for panning..

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