Geo Prizms are pretty rare in Pennsylvania these days. Especially the first generation models. Most disappeared over 10 years ago. Sometimes, it is perplexing why certain mainstream cars disappear after a while. This specimen answers that question.

This Prism has no doubt seen a very rough life. Yet, it's still hanging in there, somehow. I'm not sure the mileage, but I'm guessing it's pretty high.

(Interesting fact: you can tell this is a 1990 by the black door pillars and the mixed-case, non-italicized Prizm badge)


This find hits close to home, since we had a 1990 Prizm for a while. It was purchased new, 3 years before I was around, and stuck around until 2001. It was Chestnut Brown metallic just like the picture, but ours had hubcaps. It has been the most reliable, trouble free car we have owned after 130,000 miles so far (especially compared to the Passat that replaced it). I think my dad regretted not getting the higher performance GSi; instead, he got a base model. By the time we traded it in, rust was already forming on the rear fender arches. Now I know what we would have to look forward to if we kept it longer.