Decided to hang it in my office cube. This was taken by one of the engineers who worked here for 50 some years, and who’s father was involved in starting the company. He designed and we built all of the bumpers you see in this picture. Unfortunately he passed away around this time last year, but recently we’ve been going through some old drawings and documents and I decided to save some of the cool ones. Some I’ll hang up around the office, some I’m going to bring home.


Here’s another one of my favorites that I hung in my cube. This is a hand drawn, 24" x 36" print for a grille guard that fits a 1968 Diamond Reo truck, drawn somewhere around 1973. We have stacks of these drawings. I haven’t been through the whole stack but some of the ones I plan on framing include grille guards for the 64-73 Ford, International Harvester trucks, and the Mazda REPU.