Found a free parts car!

As some of you may remember, we took a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe and painted it up to match our Mazdas for our pregnancy announcement.

My son is now fourteen-months-old, so I got the car out for him to play with. Only problem: it’s old and passed down to us through multiple family members and somewhere along the way, it lost its steering wheel.


I scoured eBay and Facebook and stumbled upon a Cozy Coupe for sale on Facebook for $10.00. The steering wheels on eBay are $30.00 - just for the wheel.

I texted the owner and they said their dog chewed up the steering wheel (bummer) but I could have the car for free. So, I picked it up on my lunch break (it surprisingly fit in the trunk of my 6) and took it home.

Wrapped the steering wheel in electrical tape to make it smooth and then harvested the floorboard and gas cap.




Now, my son has a fully functioning Mazda Cozy Coupe and a parts car. Teach them young.

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