So first let me address- what makes a go cart a go cart? Well it has to be nimble, has to pivot, and it has to be eager and almost rotate around its axis. Oh, and be relatively small of course. Anything I missed let me know in the comments.

Not exactly drop dead gorgeous, but like most Audis, it has a certain simple simplicity to it, and looks even better for 2017

The 2nd part is one where Audis have both done well with Quattro, but also have a tendency to understeer. When BMWs steered well their 50/50 weight distribution, RWD, etc really made the older 3 (and newer 1/2 series) have the title as go car like sedan.

At the limits understeer is still somewhat present in newer Audis, but with each generation it’s getting better and better. It started with my 4.2 S5 and then in the B9 A4 platform understeer really has to be pushed for, otherwise it’s a pretty quick turn in.

So what about the A3? With a shockingly quick 2.0T, fairly quick and direct mechanical steering, a quick shifting dual clutch transmission (or S-Tronic in Audi parlance), and of course Quattro- this car checked all the boxes.


But who hasn’t had a car that checked all the right boxes only to disappoint in person?

Probably the car that really put Audi on the map.


It all reminded me of this classic car from Audi, the Audi Quattro, and that’s a good thing.

That car also was one of the smallest they made, had a great AWD system, and felt mechanical and nimble like the A3 seems to.


In my video review below, in addition to my conclusions, I discuss how this compares to the CLA (sadly based off the A/B class FWD cars), and also the nonexistent 2 series sedan: Audi A3 review- as close to a go cart as a sedan can get? 2016 / 2017 comparison 2.0T Quattro

Let me know what you guys think.