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PROJECT LAMBORGHINI was a unique Promotional and Racecar Program designed to generate national media coverage by creating an association between Playboy magazine and one of the world's then most desirable supercars - the Lamborghini Countach.

This particular Lamborghini was the only one of its type in the world - a custom-built Targa version , specially modified by computer entrepeneur Paul Halstead. Further modifications included Formula-One style suspension and brakes developed by Henry Nehrybecki - ex-F1 engineer (Lola) who also developed Frank Matich's SR-series sportscars. There was also a LeMans-spec wing and custom bodywork, wheels and tyres.


Rob Luck developed a special race program for the car based around the Waneroo 3-hour which appeared to suit the car's specifications. In a major coup, he organised for the car to be airlifted from Sydney to Perth as part of the race promotion - it was the first time a car of any type had been airlifted in the then new Airbus just added to TAA's fleet (now QANTAS). Luck ended up doing most of the driving and the car acquitted itself well against outright racecars (sports sedans), generating enormous media interest for all the parties involved.


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