Found Around UMD: Local Motors Rally Fighter

This semester’s Career Fair took place this week, and there were three automakers there. Local Motors said that they’d have a Rally Fighter parked outside and, sure enough, it was there when I went. It’s awesome, though they didn’t do anything else to attract attention to the car besides parking it like that.


Ford was at the fair for the first time today - I heard that they’d be parking a new Mustang outside somewhere, but I never saw it where they said it’d be parked. I did see this new automatic 2016 Mustang GT with the Recaro seats, Black Accent Package and hood vent turn signals yesterday - maybe this was it?

Tesla Motors was here yesterday, but they didn’t seem to be looking for interns at UMD. I left resumés with Local Motors and FoMoCo. As far as free swag is concerned, I got a Rally Fighter booklet and a card featuring the Verrado drift trike from Local Motors.

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