The past few days, I'd seen this truck sitting across from the office. I played it off as a poseur and didn't pay it any mind. This morning, I decided to go check it out. Pretty snazzy, actually

It's a 2001-2004 2WD crew cab. Perfect for a Prerunner setup, eh? The truck is pretty clean and doesn't show any marked body damage. Notice the squat? "Dang", you might say "that's a lot of squat." It is.

Someone has spent a good bit of time and money on this thing, and the suspension really shows it.


Beadlocks, coil-overs with remote reserves, custom spindles and control arms. Not to mention the front fabbing, which is quite nice

Very Spartan, just enough to meet some sort of regulation I would suppose. Let's take a look at the bed, shall we?


There is no bed. This thing was done up right. I don't know if that cage was custom fabbed or a purchased product, but I like. I don't understand everything that's going on here, but it's definitely not set up for posing.


Someone has been daily-driving this for the better part of a month now, and I approve. Wholeheartedly. Truck yeah, brother. Truck Yeah.