Takeey’s, the best classic car dealership in Japan (and the world, if you ask me) is currently selling this wonderful ‘69 Corolla Van (read: 2-door wagon) for $8,100. And it’s got the kind of good looks that only the blessing of 48 years of the elements can provide. Seriously, patina doesn’t get much more perfect than this.

The patina is paired beautifully with a perfect amount of pinstriping, that now serves as a guardian against those who would consider repainting this car. I mean, why would you cover up some hand-painted art like that?


Look at how perfect the hood and roof are! Also, all cars should come with a skull and crossbones. All of them.


The pinstriping is caried over to the dash of the impressively clean interior, and is a nice touch, also, the ignition is on the dash on the opposite side of the wheel as the shifter, so this car is exactly like a Porsche 911.

And now, the downside:


It’s powered by the original K engine, and while it’s impressive that a 1.1 lump could put out 60 horsepower in 1969 with the twin-carb option, it hardly stirs the soul. Now, there’s something to be said about keeping the original engine in the car, but something that looks like this deserves something much, much better. This is an ideal candidate for a 2T-G (or 18R-G if you’re feeling sinister) swap. Seriously, imagine this car with the engine/5-speed out of a TE27/37 Levin/Trueno. I am sorry about the condition of your underpants.