Went to Montreal for the long weekend and while sitting at a picnic table along the old port section of the city (eating poutine from a food truck, you know, touristy stuff) I heard a rumble. Looking up I saw a guy and the top part of his convertible peaking above some hedges along the road. I was hopeful to find the car later in my walk.

And it war right across the street when I was done eating. Beautifully clean, look at the details, the dash, everything...until people started touching it!

I'm serious...it took me a little bit to snap a pic (cell phone, SG3) without someone's greasy paws all over the door or rear. I found it obnoxious and it wasn't even my car. I kept looking into the cafe hoping the owner was watching but if he was I couldn't find him. Some lady actually tried to open the door!

I moved on, not wanting to clog the road any more than it already was. But I couldn't get over how everyone was acting. I couldn't hear any comments in English so many were French Canadians, I would assume as it is Montreal, so it got me thinking about car etiquette and regional expectations. Do they exist? Was I overreacting? The people I was with are not car people at all so they stood at the corner as I drooled but even they asked me why people were feeling it up.


Also, can someone identify this for me? What is it?