Found in Parking Lot

I saw a strange one today. Initially approaching this guy from the back I thought “Oh cool, an S13 Silvia. You don’t see many of these over here.” Then I noticed the fact that it was LHD, had an early pig nose 240sx front end and rear 240sx badging. Based on the fact that it’s a drift-spec S chassis Nissan, I have to assume that some of these odd things are due to crashes. My leading theory is that it started life as an early 240sx, got an S13 body swap at some point and was later crashed with the owner reverting to the car’s original front end. What do you guys think is up with this oddity? (Bonus weirdo points for being a drift spec car in a grocery store parking lot.)


EDIT: I’m dumb and I overthink things. The 180sx was hatch only but they also had a notchback 240sx to compensate for the lack of a Silvia over here. It’s still pretty cool, just not as cool and odd as I first thought.

PS. Ignore the shitty quality images. The sun was in full force and kinda made a big human shaped shadow in the lead image and some visible rays in the second. If I had had more time (or less direct sun) they would have turned out much better.

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