Last Sunday I started the van to let it warm up before we went to do our shopping (It was extremely cold). When we came out to load the kids, I found a wonderful puddle of gas under the passenger side. So ticked off, I shut it off and we piled in the car, never checking to see where it was leaking from.

So all week I’ve been starting it and letting it run to “find” my leak and it hasn’t leaked a drop, I couldn’t even find a spot that looked damp.

So this morning I decide I’m going to take it to work. Start it up, grab my light, walk around. Drip, drip, drip. So I crawl under and look, the hose on the front of the fuel filter is leaking. It must be old/hard enough that when it gets really cold it can no longer seal!

So I’ll be stopping at the parts house tonight and grabbing a new filter/hose/clamps so I can get this fixed.

Come spring I’ll just redo the whole fuel system as it’s all original, 25 years old, with 240+k miles on it.


And we’re off: