My ABS makes the Corvette shake like a wet dog when it kicks in, which is annoyingly frequent on a track. I was gonna try to find the relay/fuse but luckily it failed almost immediately and driving was a lot easier after.

However I was a bit shaken after coming in from the track and parking in the paddock and then shortly after the pedal went to the floor while backing out of the paddock. Like, zero. Then bam after two pumps worked perfectly and has since.


Boiling fluid seemed likely but that releases gas so the pedal should be spongey after but it is rock solid.

Sounds like maybe this is why my brake pedal moves around but always works aside from that one time right after being on the track. Damn ABS relay has lost its mind.

I’m not sure how to put this gremlin down but I am glad I’ve found the problem. This has to be it. I’m not losing my mind.